EVOC High Performance Systems X1702O

  • Intel® 11th Generation Rocket Lake i9-11900K 8 Core – 16 Thread Processor, 3.5 GHz (Max Frequency 5.3 GHz), 16 MB Smart Cache with NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 3080 w/ 16 GB GDDR6 (Max TGP 165W)
  • HIDevolution upgrades the 17.3” Matte UHD, Wide View Angle Display Gaming Laptop by adding Gelid GC Extreme on CPU and GPU for improved performance and optimal system temperature
  • HIDevolution installed PCIe based storage–24 TB (3 x 8 TB) M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe SSD–ensures that you experience the fastest boot up & load times
  • Installed by HIDevolution–128 GB (4 x 32 GB) of fast DDR4 3200MHz dual channel system memory (Speeds subject to system capability)–run memory hungry applications and multitask with ease
  • HIDevolution Promise: Authorized EVOC Build to Order Dealer, thorough quality testing, a 1 Year Warranty, and access to our expert support staff. Contact us for more customization options.

Оригінальна ціна: USD1,650.00.Поточна ціна: USD1,600.00.


EVOC High Performance Systems X1702O For Sale

EVOC High Performance Systems X1702O (X170KM-G) 17.3″ UHD, 3.5 GHz i9-11900K, RTX 3080, 128 GB 3200MHz RAM, 24 TB PCIe SSD.

High-quality customization and builds with careful quality control

A product that passes through our hands has a much lower chance of DOA (defect on arrival). Your laptop has better reliability with thorough QC (quality control) checks.

We perform a full quality check – ensure the latest stable BIOS firmware and drivers are installed, burn-in stress testing for temperature, benchmark testing to ensure it is functioning to standard, keyboard and touchpad test, check of ports for functionality, display check for abnormalities, and a physical inspection of the chassis.

Buy Evoc High Performance Gaming Labtops

We research and develop our laptops in-house and only offer upgrades that work to benefit performance and reliability. We provide unique upgrades and services such as high thermal conductivity TIM (thermal interface materials) upgrades.

1. Cooler system temperatures for the CPU (central processor) and GPU (graphics processor) through Gelid GC Extreme TIM (thermal interface materials) upgrades. Lower system temperatures, prevent throttling during CPU and GPU intensive tasks, minimize fan noise, and maximize reliability with upgraded thermal interface materials.

2. Fast boot up and load times with PCIe and SATA based SSDs.

3. Run memory hungry applications and multitask with ease with more RAM memory

Tech Support you can depend on

EVOC 1 Year Warranty that comes with your laptop, we offer an elevated level of service and product knowledge, for both sales and support.


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