Bitmain Antminer D7 de vânzare

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  • Plăți: Plată bancară online (T/T), Bitcoin, Ethereum, monede USDT
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Prețul inițial a fost: USD900.00.Prețul curent este: USD850.00.


Bitmain Antminer D7 (1286Gh) For Sale

Model Antminer D7 (1286Gh) din Bitmain minerit X11 algorithm cu un hashrate maxim de 1.286Th/s pentru un consum de energie de 3148W. Antminer D7 Series is the latest generation of ASIC miners with advanced technology, improving and ensuring long-term operation。

The Antminer D7  features a hash rate of 1286g/s, while its other variant has a hash rate of 1286G/s, both variations have an impressive power efficiency of 2.8+/-%5 J/MH. This was achieved by enhancing the circuit architecture, greatly improving power efficiency.


ModelAntminer D7 (1286Gh)
Also known asAntminer D7 1.286Th
EliberareOctober 2021
mărimea400 x 195 x 290mm
Nivel de zgomot75db
Temperatura5 – 45 °C
Umiditate5 – 95 %

Bitmain Antminer D7: A Quick Review (1286Gh)

Dash is one of the most profitable coins to mine on the platform. Axe, CannabisCoin, DigitalPriceClassic, Onix, and other coins are among the coins available for mining. Furthermore, the D7 1286Gh Miner allows you to mine over 20 currencies.

By releasing another X11 Miner this year, Bitmain has raised the bar yet again. The miner is scheduled to be released in October of 2021. Due to the global pandemic, there have been few aspiring miners.

To begin mining with the unit, you can join one of the top mining pools. Joining mining pools is the next best option for individuals who cannot afford the miner. AntPool, F2Pool, NiceHash, Poolin, and ViaBTC are some of the mining pools available.

The miner is currently out of stock from the manufacturer as we write this review. There are, however, a few shops that sell the miner. AsicMiner Market, for example, sells the miner for $5,000, up from the manufacturer’s suggested price of $1,778.


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