Goldshell AL Box Alephium Miner for sale

Model AL-BOX Goldshell górnictwo Blake3 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 360Gh/s dla poboru mocy 180W. Buy Goldshell AL BOX 360GH/s 180W (ALPH). The Goldshell AL Box, also recognized as the Goldshell AL Box Alph Miner, emerges as a cutting-edge addition to the realm of cryptocurrency mining hardware. Released in April 2024, this compact mining rig boasts dimensions of 198 x 150 x 96mm, making it an efficient and space-saving solution for miners seeking performance without sacrificing real estate.

Weighing in at 2200g, it strikes a balance between portability and functionality. Equipped with dual fans spinning at 4500rpm, the AL Box maintains optimal operating temperatures while keeping noise levels as low as 35db, ensuring a quieter mining experience. Its sole Ethernet connection port facilitates seamless integration into mining networks, providing reliable connectivity for uninterrupted operation.

Efficient Power and Performance

The Goldshell AL Box sets a new standard for power efficiency in cryptocurrency mining. With a power consumption of 180W and an input voltage range spanning from 100V to 240V, it optimizes energy usage while delivering robust hashing capabilities. Its Ethernet interface enables streamlined communication with mining pools and networks, maximizing uptime and productivity. Operating within a temperature range of 0 to 35°C and a humidity range of 0 to 65%, the AL Box adapts to various environmental conditions, ensuring consistent performance. Whether you’re a seasoned miner or a newcomer to the world of cryptocurrency, the Goldshell AL Box offers an enticing blend of power, efficiency, and reliability, making it a formidable contender in the ever-evolving landscape of digital currency mining.


Also known asGoldshell AL-BOX ALPH (Alephium) Miner
WydanieMay 2024
Rozmiar198 x 150 x 95mm
Poziom hałasu35db
Temperatura5 – 35 °C
Wilgotność10 – 65 %


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