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2022’s Top Gaming Laptops

The best gaming laptops are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit a variety of purposes and budgets. Because, while a $5,000-plus model with the finest graphics and display might provide the best gaming laptop experience, most of us can’t afford such a machine.

Our recommendations are frequently high-end models (we are, after all, an enthusiast site), but they are available in a number of configurations and pricing points.

Fortunately, there are more gaming laptop options than ever before, ranging from low-cost to full-fledged desktop replacements. Some are equipped with full-size Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards, while others opt for the more energy-efficient Max-Q designs, which allow for slimmer chassis and (in some cases) quieter fans.

New Gaming Laptop Specs

Although many of the best gaming laptops have 1080p displays and fast refresh rates, some also have 4K displays, giving you the option of choosing between fidelity and resolution. Several gaming laptops have a refresh rate of 360 Hz.

In terms of components, there is more option than ever before. While Intel CPUs remain prevalent, AMD’s Ryzen processors are becoming increasingly popular, yet Intel processors are still used in the majority of notebooks. Nvidia’s RTX GPUs are found in far more laptops, while AMD is gradually beginning to pair its own graphics cards with its CPUs for what it calls a “AMD Advantage.”

Intel’s 12th Gen “Alder Lake” processors, which feature a hybrid design with Performance and Efficient cores, and AMD’s Ryzen 6000 CPUs are among the latest processing advancements. Due to a global component shortage, anything with the latest graphics cards, just like desktops, can be difficult to come by right now.