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Goldshell kd5 Miner for sale – Goldshell KD5 (18Th/s) of Eaglesong algorithm with hashing power of 18Th/s at 2400W power consumption. Claim your Goldshell KD5 (12Th) Miner today and take advantage of our limited-time offer. Get in on this great deal before supplies run out.


Also known asKD5 Kadena miner
ReleaseMarch 2021
Size264 x 200 x 290mm
Noise level80db
Temperature5 – 35 °C
Humidity5 – 95 %

goldshel kd5 is one of the most profitable kadena miners. This goldshellkd5 or kd5 miner is very powerful. kd5 also known as gold shell kd5 has warranty of 18 months. You can buy goldshell kd5 or see the price of goldshell kd5 price on our website. Place an order for goldshell kd5 18 th/s kadena miner today and get a discount. The goldshell – kd5 kadena miner profitability is sencond to none. goldshell kd5 for sale in USA.

Features and Specifications of the Goldshell KD5

KD5 The Kadena miner resembles other Goldshell units in appearance. The film’s release date is March 2021, so it’ll be hotly awaited. Users expect to obtain value for their money because Kadena is a lucrative coin.

It weighs 8500g and measures 200x264x290mm in size. The miner connects to the internet using an Ethernet interface, which is a widely used platform. The manufacturer prefers a voltage range of 176V to 264V.

When the product is released, we expect multiple mining pools to be available. The miner is available through a few select retailers as well as the manufacturer. Those who want to purchase the miner should do so. The Kadena KD5 is said to be in stock, according to the manufacturer.

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Minable coins with GOLDSHELL KD5
Minable pools with GOLDSHELL KD5


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