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StrongU STU U1

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StrongU STU U1 Decred Miner

Model STU-U1  from StrongU mining Blake256R14 algorithmwith a maximum hashrate of 52Th/s for a power consumption of 2200W.


Also known asMiner U1 Plus Plus
ReleaseJuly 2019
Size130 x 220 x 390mm
Noise level76db
Cooling12038 fan
Temperature4 – 45 °C
Humidity5 – 95 %

The Blake256R14 algorithm is used by Strong STU-U1++, a miner with a hash rate of 52 Th/s. This miner uses 2200W of power and has a 0.042 j/Gh energy efficiency. It’s one of the most environmentally friendly miners, weighing 8200g and making 76dB of noise. Decred is the sole coin that can be mined using this miner, and it is available in practically all mining pools. This platform’s maker, StrongU, is also the market’s sole provider.

Specs for the Strong STU-U1++

Strongu.com.cn is the official website of one of China’s biggest cryptocurrency miner manufacturers. The Hornbill H8, which is their best-selling product, is one of the company’s brands. HyperCash is also on the cards, according to the profitability calculator, with a $3.27 profit margin. The Blake (14r) algorithm-based Decred (DCR) has a $2.21 market cap. It’s also worth noting that the Strong STU-U1++ supports ASIC.

The miner, also known as Miner U1 Plus Plus, was released in July 2019. The miner is 39*22*13cm in size and comes with two fans. NiceHash coin is a loser with a hash rate of 52,000 GH/s and a power consumption of 2100.

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  • All orders will be dispatch As per Delivery Batch In Order. Machine Will be ship In 48 Hours On Delivery Date from our Shenzhen Warehouse, in case of bulk order we may take a day or two to ship the product via (DHL Express/ UPS/ ARAMEX/ TNT) after full payment of the order has been verified (Payment via Wire (T/T Takes 3- 7 Business Days Via CryptoCurrency payment gateway would take a couple of hours or max by 1 business days to verify the transaction).

    International delivery usually takes about 5-8 business days. DDP shipping Way take 8 -10 days

    *All sales are final and non-refundable On any Terms.

    Note: All payments made in cryptocurrency are directly exchanged in us dollars with us, if any reason a refund must be made, it will be made on the Value in dollars At the Current Price of cryptocurrency ( If Crypto Price High or low We Refund Money as a USD Rate)

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Minable coins with StrongU STU U1
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Minable pools with StrongU STU U1
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